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The material


For the Edelflausch Spa Collection only the highest quality materials are used. The light fluffy terry cloth is designed specifically for the factory and the cotton comes from controlled farming.

After the cloth is produced the finishing process begins, a very important aspect of my business. The naturalness of the material is paramount. All products used in the material preparation are biodegradable.

In refining the material we use only detergent and softener, (which meet the guidelines of the IVN-GOTS) and no other chemicals. Therefore limited to the Natural cotton terry.

The natural fats and paraffins support the soft feel and the positive qualities of our cotton. They are the basis of this natural fiber and give a special, convey the support of our natural fabrics accordingly pleasant feeling.

The Edelflausch Spa Collection can be washed at temperatures between 40 - 60 ° C.  We recommend biological detergents without brighteners, and only the indispensable amount of chemical products. This preserves the natural character of the tissue and maintains the long-term exceptional comfort of our products.

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