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„After all, exciting things
come wrapped up!“

Christian Friedrich Hebbel

Spa Fashion

Edelflausch Spa Fashion is a trendsetter for 2013. The new collection offers unusual and elegant design, combining,the highest quality materials and soft, cuddly comfort with an exclusive aura. The products range from Edelflausch spa robes and elegant spa clothing to fancy sauna kilts and exclusive accessories.

Material, shape and cut are coordinated so that when wearing the Spa robe your personality shines, the skin is flattered and each figure is draped skillfully.

Our wellness fashion is suitable for many occasions: whether at a health club, hotel, sauna, swimming pool, beauty salon or at your private breakfast table – no matter where you happen to be – with a robe from Edelflausch you are dressed for the occasion.

Each Spa Robe is available in models for men, women
and children.




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